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Bilingual·Foreign Business|万米高空飘香中国春节美

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经济 | 爱尔兰维持稳定经济竞争力

Ireland remains its economic competitiveness

财报 | ABB蓄势前行推动盈利增长

ABB Positioned for profitable growth

签单 | 丹麦机器人赢得中国首笔大单

MiR won first big order in China

美食 | 阿联酋航空为中国乘客提供春节美食

Enjoy a selection of delectable treats with Emirates



Ireland remains its economic competitiveness


Under the impact of Brexit negotiations and the US tax reforms, the global environment is changing rapidly. The foreign capital flow is largely affected and very unpredictable.


However, Irish economy still remains its competitiveness as the fastest growing economy in EU for three consecutive years. The unemployment rate dropped down to only 6.1% in 2017.


Zhang Zhewei, China Director of IDA Ireland,pointed out: “In 2018,Ireland will continue to strength the diversified construction through strengthening partnership with EU companies and building relationship with the companies from China, India, South Korea, and Singapore. In the past three years, Ireland has successfully introduced a series of foreign investments. Along with Brexit negotiations entering the next phase, Ireland will further attract more foreign investments and welcome new opportunities.”


Brexit negotiations entered the next step in 2017. Ireland has received a great deal of foreign investments from Britain, such as Bank of America, Barclays, Citigroup, and JP Morgan.


Moreover, Bank of China set up a new branch in Dublin in June 2017 and became the first Chinses-funded bank providing commercial banking services in Ireland.


In addition, IDA will enhance the partnership with investors and meet the senior executives in financial service, life science, and law field to explore potential investment opportunities.


Under the context of Brexit, IDA is going to restructure the global footprint. The market will be divided into four areas: the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the UK, where UK will be treated as an independent market.



Zhang Zhewei said: “We were very pleased to see the further investment relationship between China and Ireland in 2017. In the future, Ireland will continue to create a stable policy environment for multinational enterprises and provide a perfect regulation mechanism as well as more talents. Furthermore, we are also going to show the successful international investment experiences to the new companies in Ireland as references.”


ABB Positioned for profitable growth

ABB 2月8日发布2017财年第四季度和全年业绩报告提出,通过转型实现更精简、更具实力的业务组合与运营。

ABB released its 2017 Q4 and full year financial report on Feb. 8. Streamlined and strengthened portfolio and operations have been delivered in the transition year 2017 as the report says.




Base orders up 5%,higher in all divisions and regions;total orders steady,Revenues +1%;

ABB Ability推动各事业部业务增长,实现更精简、更具实力的业务组合;推进电网、机器人及运动控制和工业自动化业务模式的转变;

ABB Ability drives growth across all divisions,Streamlined and strengthened;Business model change in Power Grids,Robotics and Motion and Industrial Automation under way.




Base orders up 9%; higher in all divisions and regions; service orders up 7%;Revenues -1%;Operational EBITA margin 10.9% impacted 150 bps due to charges related to the EPC businesses;Power Grids profitability within 2018 target margin corridor ahead of plan,on a pro-forma basis;Cash flow from operating activities up 31 percent.


“In the transition year 2017, we shaped a streamlined and strengthened ABB. said ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer.


Now, our digital-first portfolio for customers in utilities, industry and transport and infrastructure is based on two clear value propositions: bringing electricity from any power plant to any plug, and automating industries from natural resources to finished products.


The annual results include the dampening effect of our massive transformation. With our targeted actions to shift our center of gravity, we have improved competitiveness, addressed higher-growth segments and de-risked ABB.


We delivered four consecutive quarters of increasing base-order growth. The momentum we have built in 2017 positions us for profitable growth as the global markets are improving.


Today’s proposal to increase the dividend for the 9th consecutive year demonstrates our confidence in the future.”


The attractive long-term demand outlook in ABB’s three major customer sectors – utilities, industry and transport & infrastructure – is driven by the Energy and Fourth Industrial Revolutions.


ABB is well-positioned to tap into these opportunities for long-term profitable growth with its strong market presence, broad geographic and business scope, technology leadership and financial strength.


MiR won first big order in China


MiR,Denmark’s fastest-growing robot manufacturer and global market leader of mobile robots, announces a significant success in Chinese market of selling 50 mobile robots through Bionlink.

这 50 台移动机器人将部署于不同的医院及医疗机构,用以提高其内部物流能力,如将药品从中央药房运送到各个临床部门。

These 50 mobile robots Bionlink purchased will be deployed in different hospitals and medical institutions to facilitate internal logistics such as medicine transportation from central pharmacy to every clinical department.

MiR 的 MiR100和 MiR200自主移动机器人极具灵活性和成本效益,只需简单部署和管理,便可提高医院及医疗机构内部的运输效率和安全性。

MiR’s mobile robots, including MiR 100 and MiR 200, are extremely flexible and cost-effective which could be easily managed to increase the transportation efficiency and safety within hospitals and medical institutions.


Mobile robots are capable of accomplishing tasks beyond expectations with customized top modules that could be adjusted on requirements of end-users.

它们可以非常高效地运输药品、血液样本、食品、衣物或其他任何需要人力运输的物品,这些机器人可以实现每天 24 小时不间断工作。

They are very efficient to deliver medicine, blood samples, food, laundry or whatever the need is in the same speed as a human worker but could actually work 24 hours every day.

例如,在医院里,这些机器人可逐层收取待洗的衣物并不间断地运至洗衣房,一台移动机器人搭配MiRHook 可牵引负载量高达 500 公斤的小推车。

For example, in hospitals the robots can be used to pick up laundry on several floors to the laundry facilities, and with the MiRHook they could tow a trolley to carry the load up to 500 kg.


Mobile robots could also charge themselves autonomously when they are free from urgent tasks. There is no doubt that, being able to intelligently operate and navigate around all detected obstacles, mobile robots will significantly optimize the manpower costs as well as secure the safety for hospital transportation.

目前MiR 在全球共拥有 124 家分销商,其中包括16家中国经销商。完善的国内外分销网络将进一步开拓移动机器人行业的效率与运输安全性。

MiR has 124 distributors globally to seize more opportunities for the mobile robot industry in driving logistics efficiency and safety, 16 of which are located in China.


Enjoy a selection of delectable treats with Emirates


Emirates' travellers are in for a treat this February with a specially curated selection of festive goodies in celebrating the Chinese Spring Festival.


Available for a limited time only, passengers can indulge in Emirates’ exclusive Spring Festival offerings onboard of flight routes from Dubai to all China destinations and airport lounges in Beijing, Shanghai and Dubai.


Available for a limited time only, passengers can indulge in Emirates’ exclusive Spring Festival offerings onboard of flight routes from Dubai to all China destinations and airport lounges in Beijing, Shanghai and Dubai.


From 15-17 February, travellers flying back to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yinchuan and Zhengzhou via Dubai can revel in festivity thousands of feet above the ground.


The festive spread is the latest menu to be introduced onboard, exclusively available on select routes from Dubai to Asia.


As part of Emirates’ Chinese Spring Festival celebrations, the Emirates Lounge in China will also offer a scrumptious selection of Chinese cuisines in its lounge in Beijing International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, from 15-18 February.


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